Global warming censorship

Global warming is one of most important issues of our times. But it’s not only a subject of interest for scientists. Politicians also started looking at this problem when it became disputed in mainstream media. They were influenced by the controversy it evoked, and what they wanted was to control what scientists say to the media. Politicians wanted censorship – not discussion.

Many or climate change researchers claim they were subject to huge pressure to hide all sort of scientific evidence showing that global warming is the effect of actions of the human race. Almost 50 % of American scientists tell that they’ve bee pushed to adapt the results of their researches to meet official Bush’s administration view of “climate change scepticism”. They say governmental officials were telling them to remove terms like “ climate change” or “global warming” from all reports and other documents that were going to be released to the public information. These clerks were even editing these documents before they were released to the media. And They were not even to discuss global warming in discussions taking place in public (like in TV). These procedure took place even at NASA – it was censoring all reports on the topic of climate change in 2004. That was to protect Bush from controversy before presidential election.

Even some of ‘average Joes’ tried to censor global warming debate. Climate change scientists reported receiving threatening emails. The most famous of them got dead animals dropped next to doors of their houses. Owners of some of racist www pages even went so far that they posted photographs of these researchers and put inscription “Jew” under each of them. The danger seem so real, one of the ‘stars’ of  climate change started travelling with  bodyguards.

There is other process that takes place at the same time. When politicians do what they can to censor global warming, journalist seek for sensational news. And climate change is a hit. Media need to attract peoples attention, and instead of trying to find objective truth and stimulate proper debate, they just show it as something ‘leading to the point of no way back’. They sell the emotions of catastrophe by adding lots of exaggerations and pejoratives. If it’ll happen to you to express moderate opinion, or some rational debate, be prepared for strong criticism or ostracism.

The facts described above show us the picture in which there are two competing groups of interest – a State (bribed by oil industry) and Media (TV and press journalists). Fist group is to try to censor any information saying that global warming is caused by human activities (like polluting environment by burning fossil fuels). The second group wants to show the threat in exaggerated form, pump it and make it even more dramatic than it really is. Our challenge is to stay with the common sense and use our own judgments about how much climate change is actually a serious problem.

Obstacles for the Spread of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources like solar wind or geothermal all have lots of benefits. They’re eco-friendly (free of toxic emissions to the atmosphere) and constantly refilled by the nature itself. We can not run out of them. They’re also cheap (after initial investment was recurred), and some of them even free. Good example is solar power that has zero cost of capturing sun rays. At this point important question arises: why we actually still use fossil fuels? Why wind, solar and others are called alternative energy sources, and not the primary ones?

The problem that we touch here is a complex one, and we have to see the big picture of global situation to really understand it. I’ll just tell you that more than 70% of obstacles to spread of renewable energy are of political not technical nature. Below you can read about some of the actual reasons.

Governmental grants in great numbers are placed into fossil fuels industry. Of course it doesn’t happen by itself –  oil consortiums are actively lobbying year after year to make it happen. Thanks to that oil and coal energy prices are lower than they “really” are. We still pay the full price (in taxes) but it just seems to be lower. Alternative energy sources on the other hand do not receive so much subsidies, and are struggling with tons of unsupporting regulations.

Traditional energy consortiums can control the market very easy, thanks to low level of customers awareness. The average Joe will not actively seek for other opportunities that those he’s told about in TV.

Most of customers in any given industry will just buy “what’s on the menu”, and not ask for anything else. It’s just the same with energy industry.

Another thing is that we’re lacking  adequate technical and manufacturing stuff needed for large scale production of these technologies. The reason is that it’s in early stadium of commercialisation. Customers can’t get information and training they need easy, so some of them just stay with current supplier.

One more problem is a sort of technical lock-in we got into. All electricity devices we use nowadays are designed for centralised power plants and it’s difficult to overcome the all electricity system.

Understanding these obstacles above we fully recognize how huge transformation we need to make in our whole social system and in governments policies. Most of all we need to allow unconstrained development of this solutions and stopped favouring fossil fuels industry.

Renewable Energy and the Public Policy Transformation

We live in interesting times. Renewable electricity sources age spreading on the market, new technologies are still being invented and prices of traditional fuels constantly pick up. I believe we should consider what does it all mean for us – for our  everyday lives that we live today and for our future social changes.

We get alternative energy from few different sources like wind and water turbines, geothermal power plants,  or solar batteries).  Commercialisation of these solutions is taking place from quite a long time already. Believers of these solutions claim this is because of active work of oil industry. People connected to it are told to be spending huge money on lobbying and bribing government to keep things just as they are today. Oil and coal consortiums get huge subsidies and other support (like supporting regulations) from governments, and media burry real social costs of their use. Mainstream media also do not say anything about possible alternatives (like alternative energy sources, among which some can be called free energy generator). Just like everyone was somehow wired to chose close term benefits over long term benefits.

If we want to change things we need to take the economy to the debate. Economists have discussed it many times,  what exactly should be done to switch the world into using renewable energy. The one single most important think they talk about is… taxes. Change of taxes is necessary as long as we’re talking about long term transformation. What is necessary is lowering income taxes and raising taxes on environmentally destructive solutions (connected to fossil fuels industry). For example coal use equals increased health care costs associated with breathing polluted air, the costs of acid rain damage. Things like that should be included within ‘fossil fuels tax’. The main idea is to make using coil and oil a bad deal. Some of modern economies in Europe (likeNorway,France,Germany, orItaly) already started implementing this tax shifting (the call it “Environmental Tax Reform”). And it brings great effects. For instance inGermanytraditional fuels use has been lowered by 5% in just two years.

Another crucial issue economists arise is a need of grants shifting. As long as governments will subside oil industry, there will be expansion on fossil fuels usage. What we need is to relocate subsidies traditional energy into renewable solar, wind, and geothermal power. In parts of the Europe and Asia this has already started, but in United States it’s just the opposite – the financial support for fossil fuels and nuclear power has been increased.

When global economic crisis began main economies allocated big money into renewable energy. That was to support recovery of global economy. This may be good beginning of a new stage of these technologies development and spread.

Controversies around free energy generators

Reading all of this you may be wondering how is it possible that you will not find out about that subject matter in a newspaper, or watch it in TV news? How come – is it kept in secret? This is actually a very good question. In fact, free energy devices is not an new idea, they only hasn’t been released for years.

controversy in mainstream mediaHeave you ever heart about Nikola Tesla? He was living in the end of nineteenth, and the beginning of twentieth century Yugoslavian physicist, inventor, electrical/mechanical engineer, and one of most important contributors to the birth of the commercial electricity usage. Tesla was working together with well known Thomas Edison for a short time. They’d split afterEdisondidn’t pay him for work he did. Tesla was widely respected as many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance. He contributed in varying degrees to the establishment of computer science, remote control devices, radar and robotics, and to the expansion of ballistics, nuclear physics, and theoretical physics. Also by verdict of American radio was his invention (not Gulielmo Marconi’s).

Tesla was fully convinced he could get free energy and wanted to give it to the whole humanity for free. He is sometimes called Free Energy Father, as he also patented few inventions in this area. Unfortunately after his death all his documents were confiscated by USA Government and marked as ‘Top Secret’. So he’s plans and ideas seem lost for humanity. Main energy consortiums and governments around the globe don’t want this knowledge to come out to general public’s interest, because they’d go bankrupt in short time. And apart from that, this could start revolution that would change the way people live worldwide. They would become more independent. And that is something governments and power corporations definitely don’t want.

But this not the end of the story…

Other scientific researches were conducted by many independent inventors across the world. And they found incredible solutions. Solutions that work and can bring free, clean energy to your house today. Although nowadays some estimations are made, that by 2020 big energy companies are going to turn into similar technology, this is not yet confirmed in any way. And still you can be sure they’ll be trying to charge you in some way for what they’ll get for free. But you don’t have to wait and count on them – get your Do-It-Yourself instructions and start using free energy today.

Although energy consortiums will try to discredit solutions like ours by putting a label of ‘pseudo-science’, ‘or scam’ on them, you can test it yourself with no risk at all and judge yourself if it’s an honest offer. Check this Step-By-Step Guide, as it’s 100% money back guarantee.

History of wind energy

Windmills give us renewable electricity – we used it from centuries and we will newer run out of it. Let’s see how the way we use it changed over hundreds of years. Humanity first used the power of wind about seven thousand years back in time. That was when ancient Egyptians promoted navigation on the Nile river with it.

We’re not sure when exactly first windmills were built, some theories say about the regions of China or Persia. Later in the Romans adopted them about 250 AD. Yet they didn’t developed them, and didn’t used them widely. Then they were developed in Sistan (inIran) only as late as in seventh century. Only then they were advanced to the level that actually brought out a practical use.  That was the milestone.

From then, windmills were used for providing farm homes with water supply,  pumping water for livestock and grinding grains. Only in eighteen eighty eight  first wind turbines made especially to generate energy has been created. From then till now they’ve been developed a lot. Nowadays there are even vertical axis turbines. What they do is reacting for different wind directions and then adapting to it. They also adapt to constant wind strength changes. But most important improvement happened inside windmill. That is generator that converts the power of mechanical movement into electricity.

In modern times issue of wind energy comes to wilder use during huge energy crisis of 70’s. As oil prices picked up dramatically, governments invested huge money in renewable energy technologies researches and development. Scientists are looking for free energy generator. As an example, the wind farms were developed. They produce huge amounts of electric power, and then send it to utility customers. Lots of economies across the world still don’t make any use of wind energy. So there is massive potential for rise in the field.

The History of Solar Energy

From how long do you think we use sun energy? Most of think it’s just from few years.. yet this technology would be highly developed already, if we worked on it some longer right? As it brings us free electricity, and uses potential of the sun that in our understanding is close to unlimited, it would squeeze fossil fuels out completely in short time, right? Unfortunately no. Researches on solar energy usage have been taking place from a long time. Exactly from the beginning of ninetieth century already. We noticed fist successes in powering a house with solar energy as early as in 1883 – and still we mostly use fossil fuels today.

As early as during ancient times Greeks and Romans used to build their homes at  a particular angle, that they calculated in details. Thanks to that they could use minimum quantity of wood to heat the house. That was extremely important as proper wood was a rare commodity that times. Even famous philosopher Socrates once told that each house should be south facing. Thanks to that it’ll be receiving a maximum amount of sunrays during the winter. AfterRoman Empirefallen, the idea of using solar energy disappeared for as along as about two thousand years.

And then the renewal time came.  During Industrial Revolution people started massively using fossil fuels to produce electricity. Auguste Mouchout was the first to invent solar battery. He understood the limitations of oil and coal so long ago, when it seems that some people can’t see them even today. These times we were finding new resources of oil and coal on a regular basis. That was the reason no one could actually imagine we’ll ever run out of them. in 1861 first solar battery working fully on solar energy was build. We can say that was the firs free energy generator in the history. Bad luck that was the time when coal prices were dropping down rapidly, and the device was expensive. So it didn’t become popular and was forgotten for obvious reasons.

From then until oil crisis in 1973 all debate about solar energy was limited strictly to scientific circles. Although in 1921 Albert Einstein received Nobel Prize for his researches on principle of photoelectric effects on electrical generation, it didn’t bring any practical breakout. Even when in 1953 Bell Laboratories created a silicon based solar cell that was able to create some electricity it was still much to expensive to become popular.

Yet after 1973 solar panels were developed rapidly. That was mainly thanks to huge sums governments put into researches that led to more efficiency and lower costs of these technologies. Now it’s available for many people even in the form of  solar-panels-home-systems.