In search of the Infinite Energy Source -Nikola Tesla’s struggles

Nikola Tesla was Yugoslavian  inventor, who lived in the second half of nineteenth, and first half of twentieth century. He contributed to invention of large part of technologies that we use in our everyday lives today. Although during his life he we was well known, he’s name was removed from history books after his death for some reason.  Today, only those interested in alternative energy sources know who he was.

tesla inventorLets take simple example as radio. Almost everyone think that was invented by Italian scientist Gulielmo Marconi nowadays. But the truth is that Tesla was the first to fill the patent. But Marconi managed to promote himself as inventor, as he was more success-oriented. Tesla was more focused on his inventions than on PR and marketing. Although he also made some public presentations – mainly that of electricity. So he at least didn’t suffer public speaking anxiety.  Only as late as in year nineteen forty three  the Supreme Court of United States overturned Marconi’s patent in favour of Tesla.

He’s spent lots of time dreaming of free energy generator that would power all world.  He had his first visions on that sort of project as a child. He thought he could  capture Niagara Waterfalls power and then use it to supply local people’s households. And that vision came true. He realized it in eighteen ninety six  –Niagara Fallsenergy was then first used to supplyBuffalocity. It was possible only after five years of hard work of engineers, mechanics and workers. Some of sponsors had already started doubting in sense of the project. The idea was highly innovative that times. So just the plain fact of actually running that new kind of powerhouse was considered a great success to everyone involved.

But yet that was just part of he’s projects, and his vision was going much, much further into the future technologies. He wanted to build a sort of solar energy receiver which would be able to gather and distribute solar energy. That idea he’d left aside. Tesla’s biggest dream connected to energy searches was to get free energy from the Earth. His vision was that he will pump electricity inside the planet and then, change it’s inner state, so that it will be possible for everyone to get it back from everywhere in the world.  That way it was going to be free. To get it one was going to need just pocket device. Using planet as a sort of oscillator he wanted to construct free energy generator – quantity of electricity that people could get was going to be infinite.

Bad luck this machine was never made. In the end of nineteen zero one, Tesla’s sponsor  investor – JP Morgan refused further credits for development of this project.

At this point I’d like mention Tesla’s quirks. He had lots of  compulsive-obsessive behaviours. Most of them were focused on counting  things like breaths or jaw movements during eating. He also felt he has to compete all things he started. For example if he started reading any given authors book, he had to real all his books.

Tesla died in 1943 leaving one thousand two hundreds patents and hundreds  of ideas that he newer wrote down.

Controversies around free energy generators

Reading all of this you may be wondering how is it possible that you will not find out about that subject matter in a newspaper, or watch it in TV news? How come – is it kept in secret? This is actually a very good question. In fact, free energy devices is not an new idea, they only hasn’t been released for years.

controversy in mainstream mediaHeave you ever heart about Nikola Tesla? He was living in the end of nineteenth, and the beginning of twentieth century Yugoslavian physicist, inventor, electrical/mechanical engineer, and one of most important contributors to the birth of the commercial electricity usage. Tesla was working together with well known Thomas Edison for a short time. They’d split afterEdisondidn’t pay him for work he did. Tesla was widely respected as many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance. He contributed in varying degrees to the establishment of computer science, remote control devices, radar and robotics, and to the expansion of ballistics, nuclear physics, and theoretical physics. Also by verdict of American radio was his invention (not Gulielmo Marconi’s).

Tesla was fully convinced he could get free energy and wanted to give it to the whole humanity for free. He is sometimes called Free Energy Father, as he also patented few inventions in this area. Unfortunately after his death all his documents were confiscated by USA Government and marked as ‘Top Secret’. So he’s plans and ideas seem lost for humanity. Main energy consortiums and governments around the globe don’t want this knowledge to come out to general public’s interest, because they’d go bankrupt in short time. And apart from that, this could start revolution that would change the way people live worldwide. They would become more independent. And that is something governments and power corporations definitely don’t want.

But this not the end of the story…

Other scientific researches were conducted by many independent inventors across the world. And they found incredible solutions. Solutions that work and can bring free, clean energy to your house today. Although nowadays some estimations are made, that by 2020 big energy companies are going to turn into similar technology, this is not yet confirmed in any way. And still you can be sure they’ll be trying to charge you in some way for what they’ll get for free. But you don’t have to wait and count on them – get your Do-It-Yourself instructions and start using free energy today.

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