Controversies around free energy generators

Reading all of this you may be wondering how is it possible that you will not find out about that subject matter in a newspaper, or watch it in TV news? How come – is it kept in secret? This is actually a very good question. In fact, free energy devices is not an new idea, they only hasn’t been released for years.

controversy in mainstream mediaHeave you ever heart about Nikola Tesla? He was living in the end of nineteenth, and the beginning of twentieth century Yugoslavian physicist, inventor, electrical/mechanical engineer, and one of most important contributors to the birth of the commercial electricity usage. Tesla was working together with well known Thomas Edison for a short time. They’d split afterEdisondidn’t pay him for work he did. Tesla was widely respected as many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance. He contributed in varying degrees to the establishment of computer science, remote control devices, radar and robotics, and to the expansion of ballistics, nuclear physics, and theoretical physics. Also by verdict of American radio was his invention (not Gulielmo Marconi’s).

Tesla was fully convinced he could get free energy and wanted to give it to the whole humanity for free. He is sometimes called Free Energy Father, as he also patented few inventions in this area. Unfortunately after his death all his documents were confiscated by USA Government and marked as ‘Top Secret’. So he’s plans and ideas seem lost for humanity. Main energy consortiums and governments around the globe don’t want this knowledge to come out to general public’s interest, because they’d go bankrupt in short time. And apart from that, this could start revolution that would change the way people live worldwide. They would become more independent. And that is something governments and power corporations definitely don’t want.

But this not the end of the story…

Other scientific researches were conducted by many independent inventors across the world. And they found incredible solutions. Solutions that work and can bring free, clean energy to your house today. Although nowadays some estimations are made, that by 2020 big energy companies are going to turn into similar technology, this is not yet confirmed in any way. And still you can be sure they’ll be trying to charge you in some way for what they’ll get for free. But you don’t have to wait and count on them – get your Do-It-Yourself instructions and start using free energy today.

Although energy consortiums will try to discredit solutions like ours by putting a label of ‘pseudo-science’, ‘or scam’ on them, you can test it yourself with no risk at all and judge yourself if it’s an honest offer. Check this Step-By-Step Guide, as it’s 100% money back guarantee.

Free energy generator FAQ

Below you can read answers to the most common questions most people have about using free energy system.

Is it hard to build?

The answer is: definitely NO! I was able to make it easily despite I don’t have any technical background. Everything is in the instruction. You don’t need any material that you couldn’t find in your local store. And none of them is expensive. And what’s more, you don’t need any special tools to unite them together, just screwdriver and other typical tools will do.

Is this system trustworthy?

Of course. In May 2009 it even received Best Selling Green Product Award by Green Living Association.

Is it expensive?

This is one of the best things here – it only takes about 150 bucks to buy all the materials. Of course it depends on the prices that you pay where you do the shopping – it can be even less. I personally had spend $ 132 and that was all.

Generally you definitely shouldn’t expect to spend anything above $ 150.

How can it be compared with other renewable energy sources?

It’s something completely different than solar panels, windmills and other solutions and high above them. The reason is that all of them rely on extensive source and are often conditioned by the weather. If there is no sun for few days in a row you may have problem if you only get energy from solar battery. Similar story with windmills. Free energy generator is something different. It’s completely independent from extensive sources – works fully of the grid. It will be running 24/7 no matter what the weather conditions are.

Free energy generator – my step by step experiences

As you read this, you’re probably interested in setting up an energy system for yourself. You may feel intrigued and confused at the same time. Maybe even a sort of sceptical about the idea that you yourself will have this sort of device running in your own house and providing you with free electricity? This is how I felt few months ago, and believe me the joy and amazement that I experienced after the system started running was much greater than any of these emotions that I got before.

Here below I put for you my own experiences from the beginning to the point I’m in right now.

First I found their website, and read about how it works. As I knew about Nikola Tesla’s work from the beginnings of twentieth century I felt like I found something I was waiting for a long time. I was always fascinated with the idea of finding completely new ways of gathering electric power. Tesla’s inventions were going into that direction, but he never finished his biggest project on that so I thought the idea was lost.. for centuries. And it realized to be ready to use now – in the beginning of XXI century.

The key concept of this solution is focused on using magnets. It lets create motion that produces energy. I think this is great somebody finally actually did the job and put it together.

Of course I bought it and got down to cases. First thing I did was to really precisely read the manual. This is essential to really read through it instead of just scanning it. You need to treat this seriously, and make sure you’ll do everything the correct way.

Nest point is small shopping in a local hardware store (and I’ve spent less than $150 on that) to buy all the materials necessary. I didn’t need to buy any extra tools, just the materials. After that the main part came in – doing the actual work and putting everything together. That was the part I was most unsure about.. will I manage to do it by myself? And the good news for all you guy (and girls!) out there is: YES I was!  And I was much easier than I thought It’s gonna be. Manual they send you is really clear and to the point, and you even get video instructions (which is also a great help as you can actually see someone doing what you need to do).

The best part yet is what’s going on from then on – I get free electricity, and that let’s me seriously reduce my household’s bills. Also I know don’t add to the toxic smoke that is produced from oil and coal burning, so I help to save a Nature in a way.

Do you want to built your own free energy generator?

“We Finally Discovered the Source of FREE, Unlimited and Environment-Friendly Energy!”

  • If you were able to cut energy bills by 100% how much money would you save by this year? How much in next 10 years? What about the rest of your life?
  • Imagine what will you actually buy for this money? New car? Your children’s college? A round-world trip?
  • Or maybe even you’d like to build multiple magnetic power generators and make money selling them?
  • Find out how easy you can do that!

Did you ever think about building a windmill in any time of your life? Or maybe when solar batteries were popularised you were wondering if not to buy one, or make it for yourself and your family? Do you still have a feeling that it would be nice to have your own source of energy and get your home completely self-sufficient and independent from power consortiums? Today you can do it! Technology that hasn’t been announced for decades is going to be revealed. We are pleased to present you our new, and amazing solution – Free Energy Generator.

This is really revolutionary. You can fully understand it when you realise, that in contrast with windmills and solar batteries it doesn’t need any other source of energy, like wind, heat, water or solar energy. It works fully, 100% off the grid! With our Step-By-Step Instructions you can build a device that will be powering itself and generating more energy that it’s using – the surplus electricity is going to power your house.

And this energy source is clean, safe and environment friendly. Zero Point Magnetic Generator doesn’t produce any smoke, gas, toxic chemicals or any other sort of pollution. Nothing. You can start using it this week, and for the rest of your life be absolutely sure, that you don’t do any harm to the Nature. Every month you use it you’re actually helping environment. You know you’re making a use of renewable energy source, that means it’s never going to run low. And you don’t have to take any natural resources away from the Earth.

Free Energy Generator saves your money, saves natural environment and gives you independence from energy consortiums. We believe this technology is going to become power source number one for most parts of the world in the future. Yet we don’t want to wait, and choose to be in the pick of innovators who use it before most of people do. You are welcomed to join us today.

Wondering if you can do it by yourself?

Of course you can! Instructions are set up for a complete novice – you will be able to follow them easily even if you didn’t do any sort of this work ever in your life. All you need to do is to go to your local hardware store, buy the materials and put them together into one system (you get full 24/7 technical support anyway). Then you just enjoy lower bills and everything you can buy for your extra savings.

Top 7 Reasons Why We Want to Build Our Own Free Energy Generator

Join the pick of innovators who built their own electricity generators. But before you’ll do that, have a look at most common reasons we decided to use free energy.

  • We save good money. Just count how much are you going to pay for energy bills this month and multiply it by 12 – this is exactly how much cash you can save in just first year. You can build your free power generator really fast and start saving straight away
  • You can build multiple generators and sell them to others. Yes – some of us started new business on this solution
  • We stay clean and only use in our houses energy, that is safe for natural environment. We don’t want to use technology that make serious pollution to air, water and Earth. We want to save natural resources of the planet. We bring clean energy to our families, and in a way – to the world.
  • We don’t want to support energy corporations. Knowing corrupt practises and abuses made by main consortiums of the industry, many of us decided to build our power generators just to set apart from them.
  • We like the idea of using technology, that will be in common usage in next few dozen years only, on our everyday basics today. This is like being the elite of society in positive terms.
  • We were just curious about that subject matter, especially that you can’t learn about that from TV. And we decided to check ourselves. It’s 100% safe, as with detailed instructions there comes full 60 days money back guarantee. If you will not be able to cut your energy bills you just write an e-mail, and get all your money back – you take no risk at all.
  • It’s fun! You can build it from the very beginning, then see it working and use it.

Free energy generator explained

Perpetual motion devices was in interest of science from decades if not centuries.  Even Tesla (truth radio inventor) was working on a huge project that was going to supply whole humanity with free electricity.  Today we can buy instructions in form of an e-book that tell us step by step how build small free energy generator for home use. Some people wonder how is it possible to create energy ‘from nothing’ and doubt it can be truth. Yet the concept of perpetual motion doesn’t really say that power comes form nothing. It’s just like with sun energy – if we gather it we can transform it into electricity for free and nobody says “hey, this energy comes from nothing, it’s magic”.

The same here. The energy we finally receive come from magnets that are a part of the device we build. They will push or pull each other or other objects. The pushing/pulling creates motion that can be used as energy source.  This happens when molecules of the air touch each other when moving (and they move constantly). This generates magnetic power. When it goes up to a certain limit, it transforms into other form of energy – can be a lightning, or  electric energy

This way perpetual motion can take place – and that means the system can be working without being influenced by any external factors. For us that means we can get virtually free electricity for home-use.

How Using Free Enegy Generator can Help to SAVE Environment?

Estimations are made that with the next 100-150 years humanity is going to run out of fossil fuels. This will happen for sure, sooner or later, and we need to face that challenge. What are we going to do then? Fossil fuels is the only of natural resource we can not renew. The only way seem to be finding alternative sources of energy. We started searching for them already.

Check what we’ve found!

We’re using fossil fuels much faster than Earth can produce them. One of WWF experts said it’s like down on a bank deposit much faster than it is being fed by interest payments. At some point, the money’s going to run out . But this is not the only problem with hitherto energy sources…

Energy sources that we use nowadays make serious harm to nature. They cause pollution in huge scale. Just look atMexicanGulfoil spills, which completely devastated oceanic life. You can find dozens of photos in the internet showing dead dolphins, pelicans, crabs, turtles and countless other animals and plants. Young dolphins drunk oil with their mother’s milk and die from it. And their mother’s can’t survive that sort of trauma. But not only during such disasters is oil and coal affecting Nature in harmful way. Even usual usage of them destroys more fragile species every day – just by emission of toxic smoke while burning of the fossile fuels.

Here the revolution stars! There are free energy devices available. One of them is Magniwork – is an ultimate solution to this problems. It’s a Free Energy Generator. It produces completely clean energy. It doesn’t emit any sort of pollution, neither gas nor any other byproducts. With this technology any sort of ecological disaster (likeMexicanGulfoil spills, orChernobyldisaster) just couldn’t happen. No way!

It’s 100% safe, clean and easy for you to set up. It produces energy for your household without affecting natural environment in any way. Feel completely safe and in harmony with Nature with this awesome, environment friendly invention. Even you children can walk in freely in close vicinity of it.

Please remember that every month you use free energy to power your house equals help for the environment. Become one of us, who live using pollution free energy.