Reduce energy bills – top tips

Electricity bills are something most of us think “there’s just no way around that.. just like taxes, spam and death”. But yet there are few simple ways you can properly reduce them. And some of that way will not cost you a penny. If you’d like to completely get rid of them, there is also a way to do that, but more on that later…

Here you’ve got best tips – all for free ;)

Reduce energy bill s tip 1

Remember old air conditioners often use lots of electric power. If you have some that is older than 3 years make sure it works efficiently. If necessary throw it away and buy new one – it will pay off. Or even better, you can  install ceiling fans instead – you’ll not need air conditioner any more.

Reduce energy bills tip 2

Don’t use unnecessary feature like “heated dry” when using dishwasher. This will not be any loss if you let your dishes dry on the air, and it will be saving your energy on a everyday basis.

Reduce energy bills tip 3

There is something called ‘energy label guide’ on most of devices that you can buy in a shop nowadays. So when you’re buying anything new for your home, make sure you chose solution that is saving you energy and money, and not the opposite.

Reduce energy bills tip 4

Another piece of your home equipment that you should look at is you thermostat. Is it possible to program it digitally? If yes, great. If not, You’re probably wasting about 300 dollars per year. You air conditionings works also when you don’t need it at all – I mean when you’re not home. That’s pure waste of your energy – and of your money as well.

And the last tip:

Invest 150$ in a free energy generator device. After reading the instructions you will be able to build a machine that will produce energy for you for free.

Simple tips on how reduce air pollution

Nowadays our environment is terribly polluted, and this problem grows in importance every year. And speaking about that let’s think about something closer to each of us – air pollution. We all experience it on everyday basis, no matter if we’re aware of it or not. It’s said that one hour of jogging inManhattanwill make such damages to your health, that it can be compared to those made by  smoking one packet of cigarettes. If we want this situation to change, we all have  to do something by ourselves. Below I put some practical tips for reducing air pollution, for you to consider.

First. Try changing your travelling behaviours. One of our main pollution sources are cars. What if you tried using public transport from time to time? Could you consider riding bike to work and back. What about riding to work with colleague? Can you give it a try? There is one more thing: if you wait for somebody with engine working you’re also making more pollution than it’s necessary – so don’t do it.

Second thing. Some people decide to plant a tree. Trees emit  oxygen to the atmosphere, and by that hey help keep it clean. You also can do it , planting even just one will make a difference. Lots of places will be good for it – public parks, your backyard, or some remote place. What’s nice about that is that you’ll be able to see ‘your’ three growing for many, many years even when you yourself will get old, it still will be growing.

Third tip. What about recycling stuff – do you actually do it?  If you reuse something there will be no need for a factory to produce new thing – and that reduces toxic gases it would have produced in other case. And you don’t ‘contribute’ to growing mountain of litter. Some of your old stuff you can even sell to junk shops and make money on it! If you  recycled one kilogram of anything, you just prevented two kilograms of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Another thing: make aware shopping. Make sure that what you buy is reusable. Make selection and reject stuff that harms the environment like plastic bags for example.

Fifth point – Do not smoke ;) People who smoke are responsible for emission  tons of pollutants to the atmosphere. Really don’t think this is something so small it won’t make a difference – it will. There is so much of these pollutants, that that some researches say air pollution caused by them is 10 times greater than that one made by emissions form diesel cars.

The last but not least. Switch into using renewable energy sources if you can. You can choose from many solutions like windmills, few kinds of solar panels or free energy generator. This can make great difference, as fossil fuels make most part of air pollution.

Saving on electricity bills: my bullet-proof strategy

During global financial crisis everyone is looking for savings. Governments cut spending on unnecessary things (or pretend to do so) and average people ask themselves a questions like “how can I save money?”,  “what on my shopping list is something I don’t really need?” and so on. Also electric power bills are often the reason of headache, especially that they grow larger and larger every quarter. In this text I just want to support you with few simple tips to reduce them.

Saving on electricity tip 1.

Unplug electrical devices when you don’t use them. For example mobile charger will continue using electricity after you’d taken your phone off it. As long as it’s plugged, it will cost you money.

Saving on electricity tip 2.

A piece of equipment you should look at is refrigerator. In many cases it needs solid cleaning. The most important parts are the coils on the back and space underneath. When there is some rubbish or dust there, it uses more electricity.

Saving on electricity tip 3.

Check if there is anything that obstructs vents of your furnace. These are usually furniture, but can be anything that you’ll put in wrong place. If yes, it makes air conditioning using much more electric power that it should. In that case, fix it as soon as possible.

Saving on electricity tip 4.

Never leave  a shower or exhaust fan running. This is also when cleaning dishes. Don’t walk away to another room leaving light on. If necessary – install a timer in your bathroom. The lights will automatically switch off.

Last special tip on saving on electricity bills.

Invest few bucks and make yourself a free energy generator. It will make you partly or completely independent from your current electricity supplier. Surely it will lower the amount of money you spend for energy at the moment.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs – are they really good?

As the customs change, and being eco-friendly is ‘trendy’ some institutions want to make use of for their own advantage. Nothing bad with that. As long as they ship something that helps save the environment it’s great deal for everyone. Yet that’s not always the case. Sometimes they want t sell something that is harmful, tarrying to make people believe it helps environment. Nowadays lots of governmental agencies make everything they can to persuade people into using compact fluorescent bulbs in our homes. In European Union there is even an regulation that makes selling and buying incandescent bulbs illegal.

Yet there are several problems with these ‘recommended’ modern light bulbs. Let’s examine them a bit closer.

The first and the most important disadvantage: they contain mercury. And that is highly toxic chemical compound, that nobody would like to store in their homes.  Bulb can always get broken by accident – and in that case it will release the toxic stuff inside your house. We are told not to bin these bulbs but to dispose them to special containers.. I think this speaks for itself.

Second issue is that the light they emit looks artificial compared to this coming from traditional bulbs. Old bulbs were giving us a light that was very similar to those of sun rays. And if you switch these modern one’s you feel it’s something wrong with them. Just like your body was telling “I don’t like that”.

Another think is that I was told many times, that they don’t really work that long. Many people reported their fluorescent bulb to finish working much earlier than they should according to the claims their producers make.

What’s also annoying is that they give less light than the incandescent bulbs. If you’ll compare two of them (both with the same wattage label) you’ll easily see, the fluorescent one will not be able to produce as much light as the incandescent one.

Fortunately there is an alternative that is coming to the market – there are LED lighting bulbs. They emit warm light similar to those from incandescent bulbs.

Lead-Acid Batteries – another way to go green

Lead-acid batteries were first created as early as in the year 1850 by French inventor Gaston Plante. They’ve been in use in motor vehicles from then, as they are in tune with needs of car motors. They’re cost effective, and thanks to that they were able to dominate the market for a long time.

In cars they give electric impulse that is necessary to start motor, and for using lighting and other devices that consume electricity.

A big advantage of them is that their self-discharge rate is very low. It stays at the level of about 40 percent for a year.  This is very good rate looking on all rechargeable batteries landscape. Actually is the lowest one. There are even solutions that discharge fully in just as little as three months. They’re also reliable and cheap.

Hybrid cars pluses and minuses

In general terms hybrid vehicles are those using more than one power source. Even motorized pedal bike can be called a hybrid vehicle in a way. But nowadays when we talk about hybrid cars we usually have hybrid electric vehicles in mind. They make use of internal combustion engine and electric motor at the same time. Hybrid cars are on the market for few years already and many of manufactures had already announced a plans to produce some models of them. They can give us up to thirty miles per gallon comparing to traditional cars. Today they’re targeted mainly for wealthy customers, but future versions will probably be addressed to average Joe’s as well. Let’s have a look at benefits and drawbacks of using them. Pluses first.

For most people main advantage is their low carbon dioxide emission level. Compared to traditional internal combustion engine cars, they’re much eco-friendly. If this technology would be popularised, total emission of carbon dioxide could be reduced to 50% of current level. Also they consume less petroleum, what means we postpone the time it’s sources will get finished.

This leads to another thing: if you use less oil you don’t have to refill it so often, and you can save on it. This will become more important to improve mileage, as oil prices will be moving up.

On the other hand these vehicles use special batteries that are difficult to utilize. You can’t just throw them to the bin or they’ll pollute environment. So the problem of pollution is not automatically solved when you switch to hybrids. And what’s also connected with batteries, is that cars are not so easy to re-charge comparing with driving to gas station and refilling fuel.

Another big disadvantage is that you can only drive about 80 to160 kilometresbefore you’ll have to recharge it. For those who only go few kilometres to work and back to home this can be all right, but for someone travelling in business between cities on daily basis this is disqualifying. Of course we hope this will change as this technology is constantly being improved. I’m sure this technology is going to evolve rapidly and become more available to everyone soon.

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