Free Energy Suppressions – The Conspiracy Theory

Learn what has happened to free energy researchers.

The search for free energy source is not a new idea, and has been taking place from a long time, from many years. During all that time people who were giving their efforts to find it were not always recognised and well respectable among scientific society and wide public. Actually quite the opposite sort of situation was quite often the normal one. There is a theory called “free energy suppressions” saying, that these innovators have been seriously suppressed. Some of them are even told to be killed by oil industry or government agents.

free energy generatorThe theory claims extremelly advanced technology that would allow to power whole world for the costs close to zero to be already invented many years ago. It says it’s nearly ready to use from quite a long time… but it’s hidden for a reason. If it’d be revealed it would completely change current world situation in many aspects of it: environmental, economic, political and others. Yet it’s not only in wide use, but event not known to most of people, because it’s suppresses by certain interest groups. These groups contain people connected to governments, car making companies and energy consortiums related to oil and nuclear industry. To these groups current situation is highly profitable, and so that they are ready to do a lot to put down any attempts to popularise the idea of free energy as well as alternative energy sources (like solar batteries use or cold fusion).

“Free energy suppressions” theory followers collect historical facts of strange accidents that happened to researchers seeking for infinite power. Here are some of them.

Thomas Henry Moray (working on free energy device) and his family had been threatened and shot at on several occasions. His lab ransacked to stop him from continuing his free energy researches and public demonstrations. He also said sollar pannels researches were suppressed byUnited Statesgovernment officials.

Stanley Meyer (working on “water powered” car) died suddenly. Official version claims the reason was cerebral aneurysm, but it’s said that he was murdered in order to stop his work.

Eugene Mallove (popularising the idea of cold fusion, author of the book “Fire from Ice”) was beaten to death in 2004 by unknown assailant (officially police suspected robbery as a motive) . He also once said he was a subject to organised action (black Public Relations campaign) done by mainstream scientists in purpose of ridiculing him and his researches. Other researches working on cold fusion were subject to suppressions via academic pressure.

“Free energy suppressions” theory belongs to group of theories called “conspiracy theories”. What these theories have in common, is that they can neither be neither proofed nor refuted. Yet it’s still good to know, that some of people who researched the subject of perpetual motion machines got into serious trouble.

Global warming censorship

Global warming is one of most important issues of our times. But it’s not only a subject of interest for scientists. Politicians also started looking at this problem when it became disputed in mainstream media. They were influenced by the controversy it evoked, and what they wanted was to control what scientists say to the media. Politicians wanted censorship – not discussion.

Many or climate change researchers claim they were subject to huge pressure to hide all sort of scientific evidence showing that global warming is the effect of actions of the human race. Almost 50 % of American scientists tell that they’ve bee pushed to adapt the results of their researches to meet official Bush’s administration view of “climate change scepticism”. They say governmental officials were telling them to remove terms like “ climate change” or “global warming” from all reports and other documents that were going to be released to the public information. These clerks were even editing these documents before they were released to the media. And They were not even to discuss global warming in discussions taking place in public (like in TV). These procedure took place even at NASA – it was censoring all reports on the topic of climate change in 2004. That was to protect Bush from controversy before presidential election.

Even some of ‘average Joes’ tried to censor global warming debate. Climate change scientists reported receiving threatening emails. The most famous of them got dead animals dropped next to doors of their houses. Owners of some of racist www pages even went so far that they posted photographs of these researchers and put inscription “Jew” under each of them. The danger seem so real, one of the ‘stars’ of  climate change started travelling with  bodyguards.

There is other process that takes place at the same time. When politicians do what they can to censor global warming, journalist seek for sensational news. And climate change is a hit. Media need to attract peoples attention, and instead of trying to find objective truth and stimulate proper debate, they just show it as something ‘leading to the point of no way back’. They sell the emotions of catastrophe by adding lots of exaggerations and pejoratives. If it’ll happen to you to express moderate opinion, or some rational debate, be prepared for strong criticism or ostracism.

The facts described above show us the picture in which there are two competing groups of interest – a State (bribed by oil industry) and Media (TV and press journalists). Fist group is to try to censor any information saying that global warming is caused by human activities (like polluting environment by burning fossil fuels). The second group wants to show the threat in exaggerated form, pump it and make it even more dramatic than it really is. Our challenge is to stay with the common sense and use our own judgments about how much climate change is actually a serious problem.