Free energy generator explained

Perpetual motion devices was in interest of science from decades if not centuries.  Even Tesla (truth radio inventor) was working on a huge project that was going to supply whole humanity with free electricity.  Today we can buy instructions in form of an e-book that tell us step by step how build small free energy generator for home use. Some people wonder how is it possible to create energy ‘from nothing’ and doubt it can be truth. Yet the concept of perpetual motion doesn’t really say that power comes form nothing. It’s just like with sun energy – if we gather it we can transform it into electricity for free and nobody says “hey, this energy comes from nothing, it’s magic”.

The same here. The energy we finally receive come from magnets that are a part of the device we build. They will push or pull each other or other objects. The pushing/pulling creates motion that can be used as energy source.  This happens when molecules of the air touch each other when moving (and they move constantly). This generates magnetic power. When it goes up to a certain limit, it transforms into other form of energy – can be a lightning, or  electric energy

This way perpetual motion can take place – and that means the system can be working without being influenced by any external factors. For us that means we can get virtually free electricity for home-use.