Solar panels are recognized as one of possible main sources of electricity of tomorrow. Today they’re just one of alternatives to fossil fuels. And they’re not in wide usage, just as biomass, windmills and water turbines, or geothermal energy. As one day we’ll be made to completely switch to renewables it’s great thing to analyze benefits and drawbacks of all of them today. In this article I’m going to explore advantages of solar panels exclusively.

First – solar energy is renewable. That means we’re never going to run out of it. Just compare it with coal, oil andfree energy generator gas. In one hour sun emits  so much power into earth’s direction, that if we only were able to capture it, we will power the whole planet for a year. The possibilities are huge. If we’ll only succeed in improving this technology this may completely fix all our energy problems.

Next issue – this electricity is a real “green energy”. No toxic chemicals or noise is involved – it’s completely silent and safe. This issue is growing in importance as our environment becomes more polluted every year, and what’s more we use more electricity every year. So if we’ll not switch into renewables, is not going to change.

Thirdly solar panels don’t  need any maintenance at all. This is huge benefit comparing with wind energy. You just set the panels once, and then you just leave them, enjoying virtually free energy. Solar panel once set up, will work for you for a very long time with no repairs, recurring, improvements or anything like that. Only during the winter you need to wipe snow out of it ;)

Fourth advantage – electricity extracted from sun rays doesn’t bring any costs with it. Solar panel can be called free energy generator. If you use lots of energy in your home, the payback period  for initial investment may be really short. And after recurring it you’re independent from energy consortiums and your local supplier. You don’t worry about increasing power prices any more. The cost of picking solar rays will stay at the same level  – which is zero. What’s more, in some countries solar panels are covered with some sort of tax credit or incentive (usually around 20-30% of the system price).

These are main benefits of solar panels.

free energy generator

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