Revewable Energy Sources

admin on December 13th, 2010

In Sweden usage of biomass energy has already surpassed that of oil.

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admin on December 10th, 2010

We use energy of the sun for our advantage in few different ways. There are water-heating systems that provide warmth for swimming pools, houses, and other buildings. There are small batteries build into pocket devices like calculators, that can power them virtually infinitely.

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admin on December 8th, 2010

windmills were used for providing farm homes with water supply, pumping water for livestock and grinding grains. Only in eighteen eighty eight first wind turbines made especially to generate energy has been created.

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admin on November 30th, 2010

In one hour sun emits so much power into earth’s direction, that if we only were able to capture it, we will power the whole planet for a year.

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Solar Energy Drawbacks

admin on November 24th, 2010

n future we’ll move into direction of renewable energy we should have a look at benefits and limitations of all of them. Below I’ll just focus on the drawbacks of solar panels.

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admin on November 21st, 2010

Fossil fuels will come to an end sooner or later and we will have to switch into some alternatives. We use some of them already (in most countries on a small scale). Lets have a look at most popular of them.

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admin on November 16th, 2010

Economists have discussed it many times, what exactly should be done to switch the world into using renewable energy. The one single most important think they talk about is… taxes.

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The History of Solar Energy

admin on November 13th, 2010

Even famous philosopher Socrates once told that each house should be south facing. Thanks to that it’ll be receiving a maximum amount of sunrays during the winter. After Roman Empire fallen, the idea of using solar energy disappeared for as along as about two thousand years.

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admin on November 10th, 2010

if the air will stay still for too long period of time, we will probably run out of electricity all the same.

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admin on November 6th, 2010

Traditional energy consortiums can control the market very easy, thanks to low level of customers awareness. The average Joe will not actively seek for other opportunities that those he’s told about in TV.

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