Below you can read answers to the most common questions most people have about using free energy system.

Is it hard to build?

The answer is: definitely NO! I was able to make it easily despite I don’t have any technical background. Everything is in the instruction. You don’t need any material that you couldn’t find in your local store. And none of them is expensive. And what’s more, you don’t need any special tools to unite them together, just screwdriver and other typical tools will do.

Is this system trustworthy?

Of course. In May 2009 it even received Best Selling Green Product Award by Green Living Association.

Is it expensive?

This is one of the best things here – it only takes about 150 bucks to buy all the materials. Of course it depends on the prices that you pay where you do the shopping – it can be even less. I personally had spend $ 132 and that was all.

Generally you definitely shouldn’t expect to spend anything above $ 150.

How can it be compared with other renewable energy sources?

It’s something completely different than solar panels, windmills and other solutions and high above them. The reason is that all of them rely on extensive source and are often conditioned by the weather. If there is no sun for few days in a row you may have problem if you only get energy from solar battery. Similar story with windmills. Free energy generator is something different. It’s completely independent from extensive sources – works fully of the grid. It will be running 24/7 no matter what the weather conditions are.

free energy generator

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