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Below you can read answers to the most common questions most people have about using free energy system.

Is it hard to build?

The answer is: definitely NO! I was able to make it easily despite I don’t have any technical background. Everything is in the instruction. You don’t need any material that you couldn’t find in your local store. And none of them is expensive. And what’s more, you don’t need any special tools to unite them together, just screwdriver and other typical tools will do.

Is this system trustworthy?

Of course. In May 2009 it even received Best Selling Green Product Award by Green Living Association.

Is it expensive?

This is one of the best things here – it only takes about 150 bucks to buy all the materials. Of course it depends on the prices that you pay where you do the shopping – it can be even less. I personally had spend $ 132 and that was all.

Generally you definitely shouldn’t expect to spend anything above $ 150.

How can it be compared with other renewable energy sources?

It’s something completely different than solar panels, windmills and other solutions and high above them. The reason is that all of them rely on extensive source and are often conditioned by the weather. If there is no sun for few days in a row you may have problem if you only get energy from solar battery. Similar story with windmills. Free energy generator is something different. It’s completely independent from extensive sources – works fully of the grid. It will be running 24/7 no matter what the weather conditions are.

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In general terms hybrid vehicles are those using more than one power source. Even motorized pedal bike can be called a hybrid vehicle in a way. But nowadays when we talk about hybrid cars we usually have hybrid electric vehicles in mind. They make use of internal combustion engine and electric motor at the same time. Hybrid cars are on the market for few years already and many of manufactures had already announced a plans to produce some models of them. They can give us up to thirty miles per gallon comparing to traditional cars. Today they’re targeted mainly for wealthy customers, but future versions will probably be addressed to average Joe’s as well. Let’s have a look at benefits and drawbacks of using them. Pluses first.

For most people main advantage is their low carbon dioxide emission level. Compared to traditional internal combustion engine cars, they’re much eco-friendly. If this technology would be popularised, total emission of carbon dioxide could be reduced to 50% of current level. Also they consume less petroleum, what means we postpone the time it’s sources will get finished.

This leads to another thing: if you use less oil you don’t have to refill it so often, and you can save on it. This will become more important to improve mileage, as oil prices will be moving up.

On the other hand these vehicles use special batteries that are difficult to utilize. You can’t just throw them to the bin or they’ll pollute environment. So the problem of pollution is not automatically solved when you switch to hybrids. And what’s also connected with batteries, is that cars are not so easy to re-charge comparing with driving to gas station and refilling fuel.

Another big disadvantage is that you can only drive about 80 to 160 kilometres before you’ll have to recharge it. For those who only go few kilometres to work and back to home this can be all right, but for someone travelling in business between cities on daily basis this is disqualifying. Of course we hope this will change as this technology is constantly being improved.

I’m sure this technology is going to evolve rapidly and become more available to everyone soon.

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During global financial crisis everyone is looking for savings. Governments cut spending on unnecessary things (or pretend to do so) and average people ask themselves a questions like “how can I save money?”,  “what on my shopping list is something I don’t really need?” and so on. Also electric power bills are often the reason of headache, especially that they grow larger and larger every quarter. In this text I just want to support you with few simple tips to reduce them.

Saving on electricity tip 1.
Unplug electrical devices when you don’t use them. For example mobile charger will continue using electricity after you’d taken your phone off it. As long as it’s plugged, it will cost you money.

Saving on electricity tip 2.

A piece of equipment you should look at is refrigerator. In many cases it needs solid cleaning. The most important parts are the coils on the back and space underneath. When there is some rubbish or dust there, it uses more electricity.  Saving on electricity tip 3.

Check if there is anything that obstructs vents of your furnace. These are usually furniture, but can be anything that you’ll put in wrong place. If yes, it makes air conditioning using much more electric power that it should. In that case, fix it as soon as possible.

Saving on electricity tip 4.
Never leave  a shower or exhaust fan running. This is also when cleaning dishes. Don’t walk away to another room leaving light on. If necessary – install a timer in your bathroom. The lights will automatically switch off.

Last special tip on saving on electricity bills.

Invest few bucks and make yourself a free energy generator. It will make you partly or completely independent from your current electricity supplier. Surely it will lower the amount of money you spend for energy at the moment.

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admin on December 13th, 2010

Renewable energy is a electricity that we receive from natural processes phenomena like geothermal heat, wind, ocean waves or sunlight. That natural phenomena are constantly repeated, and will be constantly repeated forever. Using this sources, we know they’re replenished immediately. If we don’t make use of them  they will just go to waste.

Today the process of replacing traditional energy sources (fossil fuels) with renewable sources is actually just starting. It will be realize on four different areas simultaneously. There will be transformations in:  generating electric energy, fuels used for transport, heating of buildings (and getting hot water) and rural (off-grid) energy services. Let’s examine them a bit closer.

Energy Generating. Nowadays we receive 18 % of all electricity worldwide from renewables. Receivers of many sorts (for example water turbines, windmills, solar panels – free energy generator) are spread across the world. Some of economies managed already to switch into using renewable sources as main ones, or even the only ones. Like Iceland – they’re receiving one hundred percent of electric power from renewables. Brazil also is doing well getting 85 % and New Zealand 65 %.

Space heating. In some economies using solar rays to heat water makes an important contribution to energy usage policy. We can see that in China where they supply about 50 to 60 million households with this system. There are estimations saying that the rest of the world there is about 70 million building that use that system for water heating. Other houses are heated with biomass, and direct geothermal heating. In Sweden usage of biomass energy has already surpassed that of oil.

Transport fuels. In that area we find renewable source in a form of biofuels. They are in use worldwide (although not in all countries) and let is to partly replace gasoline use.

These are the ways transformation into renewable energy sources goes today.

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Use of sun rays as a renewable energy source seem to become highly popular. Human race uses it both on macro and micro scale. In macro scale we can see huge solar plants being build by governments or private consortiums. They are able to supply with electricity whole cities. On the micro scale we observe people using home energy solar systems growing in numbers. I’d like to share some interesting facts about solar energy in use in the post below. These will be not only advantages of it, but also minuses and curiosities. I’ll also explore on what the prediction for the future are.

We use energy of the sun for our advantage in few different ways. There are water-heating systems that provide warmth for swimming pools, houses, and other buildings. There are small batteries build into pocket devices like calculators, that can power them virtually infinitely. We use sun rays for drying clothes from ages. Solar –powered cars have already been build, and US scientists invented and build even plane that runs on sun energy. And of course the most important use of sun we’ll talk about here is solar panels that collect sun rays and transform them into electricity.

If you consider switching into using solar energy you should be aware of a sort of paradox that often occurs. It’s that these solutions can be really expensive at the beginning (especially if you buy ready systems, and not build them yourself). This is mainly because materials that are used in construction of these systems are relatively expensive at the moment. Yet on  the other hand when the initial investment paid back, the energy is actually free – you’ve got a sort of free energy generator on your roof. What is also a big benefit, is that solar panels don’t need any maintenance – you just install them and forget about them. The only exception is in winter, in case snow covering your panels.  You need to do some work and just wipe it our then (and that usually means getting to the roof first… which is not fun in winter). This investment that is necessary at the beginning is primary reason this technology hasn’t already spread across the world.

Another sort of paradox is about dependency. If you’ve got your own electricity source, you can really feel independent from energy consortiums. This is an important factor for many of those who buy solar panels. The dark side of that is that it makes you dependent on the weather. If there is power outage and everyone stays in blackout, it doesn’t touch you. But, if there is cloudy day sixth day in a row, it does affect you strongly. Not fun.

If we think about buying a solar-powered car, we should know they’re much slower then ‘traditional’ cars at the moment. This may change in quite short time, as technology development is nowadays really fast. And if we are remained that aircraft powered with the sun energy has already been built, we are sure that there is not a long way to go.

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Windmills give us renewable electricity – we used it from centuries and we will newer run out of it. Let’s see how the way we use it changed over hundreds of years.
Humanity first used the power of wind about seven thousand years back in time. That was when ancient Egyptians promoted navigation on the Nile river with it.
We’re not sure when exactly first windmills were built, some theories say about the regions of China or Persia. Later in the Romans adopted them about 250 AD. Yet they didn’t developed them, and didn’t used them widely. Then they were developed in Sistan (in Iran) only as late as in seventh century. Only then they were advanced to the level that actually brought out a practical use.  That was the milestone.

From then, windmills were used for providing farm homes with water supply,  pumping water for livestock and grinding grains. Only in eighteen eighty eight  first wind turbines made especially to generate energy has been created. From then till now they’ve been developed a lot. Nowadays there are even vertical axis turbines. What they do is reacting for different wind directions and then adapting to it. They also adapt to constant wind strength changes. But most important improvement happened inside windmill. That is generator that converts the power of mechanical movement into electricity.

In modern times issue of wind energy comes to wilder use during huge energy crisis of 70’s. As oil prices picked up dramatically, governments invested huge money in renewable energy technologies researches and development. Scientists are looking for free energy generator. As an example, the wind farms were developed. They produce huge amounts of electric power, and then send it to utility customers. Lots of economies across the world still don’t make any use of wind energy. So there is massive potential for rise in the field. 

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Nikola Tesla was unusual man. Definitely one the that few human beings which influenced the way we live our everyday lives today very strongly although most people have no idea who he was and what he did.  Among scientific community he is recognized mainly as one of those who contributed to the birth of the electricity usage in it’s commercial dimension. But still the truth is that his work influences many of modern inventions that we use until today like for example:  nuclear physics, remote control devices, computer science, radar and robotics, and to the expansion of ballistics, , and theoretical physics. Unfortunately many of them are today actually attributed to other inventors. The reason is that Tesla didn’t use to take care of such unimportant details like earning money, filling patents or reaching fame.

He was technical genius indeed. his thinking was at least one generation ahead of his times, and was seen as very controversial. Some people would even describe him as “mad scientist”.  Let’s examine stranger side of his personality a bit closer. Let’s see how he saw the world.

Tesla had never decided to get marry, despite being popular with opposite sex. He was a loner, thinking about science most of the time. He got attention of women intensively, as he was well known, tall and good looking. He was even said to be an object of some females obsessions, as they prayed for his attention. Despite of that he lived alone, believing that with his ultra-sensitive mind he would have to completely addict to a women, if he get into relationship. He really believed that if he stayed alone it will be helping him to keep his scientific abilities on the top level.

Extraordinary level of sensitivity was his quality – he actually couldn’t function in normal way, as everyday situations were often to strong for his senses.

- he couldn’t stand the sound of carriage driving by

- when seeing flashing lights he felt like they were crushing his skull

- whistle of locomotive passing by was giving him headache,

That’s not all.

- he had no trouble hearing conversations of people who were distanced hundred  meters from him,

- he could  even hear a thunder from as far as 800 kilometres.

Not only his senses were ultra sensitive, but his imaginary abilities were incredible.

Tesla was able to see projects of his inventions in perfect details inside his head.

He didn’t need to draw any pictures. He was able to develop any invention in his imagination from scratch to complete machine. Tesla usually envisioned a project of machine, put it into motion, leave it for some time, and only come back to it later to check if it’s working properly. If not he would make corrections and again leave machine running inside his imaginary laboratory.

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admin on December 2nd, 2010

Lead-acid batteries were first created as early as in the year 1850 by French inventor Gaston Plante. They’ve been in use in motor vehicles from then, as they are in tune with needs of car motors. They’re cost effective, and thanks to that they were able to dominate the market for a long time.

In cars they give electric impulse that is necessary to start motor, and for using lighting and other devices that consume electricity.

A big advantage of them is that their self-discharge rate is very low. It stays at the level of about 40 percent for a year.  This is very good rate looking on all rechargeable batteries landscape. Actually is the lowest one. There are even solutions that discharge fully in just as little as three months. They’re also reliable and cheap.

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admin on November 30th, 2010

Solar panels are recognized as one of possible main sources of electricity of tomorrow. Today they’re just one of alternatives to fossil fuels. And they’re not in wide usage, just as biomass, windmills and water turbines, or geothermal energy. As one day we’ll be made to completely switch to renewables it’s great thing to analyze benefits and drawbacks of all of them today. In this article I’m going to explore advantages of solar panels exclusively.

First – solar energy is renewable. That means we’re never going to run out of it. Just compare it with coal, oil andfree energy generator gas. In one hour sun emits  so much power into earth’s direction, that if we only were able to capture it, we will power the whole planet for a year. The possibilities are huge. If we’ll only succeed in improving this technology this may completely fix all our energy problems.

Next issue – this electricity is a real “green energy”. No toxic chemicals or noise is involved – it’s completely silent and safe. This issue is growing in importance as our environment becomes more polluted every year, and what’s more we use more electricity every year. So if we’ll not switch into renewables, is not going to change.

Thirdly solar panels don’t  need any maintenance at all. This is huge benefit comparing with wind energy. You just set the panels once, and then you just leave them, enjoying virtually free energy. Solar panel once set up, will work for you for a very long time with no repairs, recurring, improvements or anything like that. Only during the winter you need to wipe snow out of it ;)

Fourth advantage – electricity extracted from sun rays doesn’t bring any costs with it. Solar panel can be called free energy generator. If you use lots of energy in your home, the payback period  for initial investment may be really short. And after recurring it you’re independent from energy consortiums and your local supplier. You don’t worry about increasing power prices any more. The cost of picking solar rays will stay at the same level  – which is zero. What’s more, in some countries solar panels are covered with some sort of tax credit or incentive (usually around 20-30% of the system price).

These are main benefits of solar panels.

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admin on November 27th, 2010

Global warming is one of most important issues of our times. But it’s not only a subject of interest for scientists. Politicians also started looking at this problem when it became disputed in mainstream media. They were influenced by the controversy it evoked, and what they wanted was to control what scientists say to the media. Politicians wanted censorship – not discussion.

Many or climate change researchers claim they were subject to huge pressure to hide all sort of scientific evidence showing that global warming is the effect of actions of the human race. Almost 50 % of American scientists tell that they’ve bee pushed to adapt the results of their researches to meet official Bush’s administration view of “climate change scepticism”. They say governmental officials were telling them to remove terms like “ climate change” or “global warming” from all reports and other documents that were going to be released to the public information. These clerks were even editing these documents before they were released to the media. And They were not even to discuss global warming in discussions taking place in public (like in TV). These procedure took place even at NASA – it was censoring all reports on the topic of climate change in 2004. That was to protect Bush from controversy before presidential election.

Even some of ‘average Joes’ tried to censor global warming debate. Climate change scientists reported receiving threatening emails. The most famous of them got dead animals dropped next to doors of their houses. Owners of some of racist www pages even went so far that they posted photographs of these researchers and put inscription “Jew” under each of them. The danger seem so real, one of the ‘stars’ of  climate change started travelling with  bodyguards.

There is other process that takes place at the same time. When politicians do what they can to censor global warming, journalist seek for sensational news. And climate change is a hit. Media need to attract peoples attention, and instead of trying to find objective truth and stimulate proper debate, they just show it as something ‘leading to the point of no way back’. They sell the emotions of catastrophe by adding lots of exaggerations and pejoratives. If it’ll happen to you to express moderate opinion, or some rational debate, be prepared for strong criticism or ostracism.

The facts described above show us the picture in which there are two competing groups of interest – a State (bribed by oil industry) and Media (TV and press journalists). Fist group is to try to censor any information saying that global warming is caused by human activities (like polluting environment by burning fossil fuels). The second group wants to show the threat in exaggerated form, pump it and make it even more dramatic than it really is. Our challenge is to stay with the common sense and use our own judgments about how much climate change is actually a serious problem.

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