What are some English words/terms that Indians mispronounce?

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What are some English words/terms that Indians mispronounce?


The English language has always been a delight to understand and speak, teeming with expressions that add nuances to conversations. However, for several who are learning it as a second language, stirring this vast linguistic pot can sprout challenges, especially in pronunciation. But here's a comforting fact guys, no matter how proficient you think you are, there's always that one pesky word that makes you break into a cold sweat, questioning your prowess. And, being an English language enthusiast myself, I thought, why not take a closer look at the mispronunciations that some of our Indian friends often grapple with?

The Great Indian English Soup

English, in India, isn't just another language. It's a tapestry woven by diverse cultural and linguistic influences, colouring it with distinct flavours. And while this amalgamation makes it quite enticing, sometimes it does lead to certain peculiar inflections and pronunciations that deviate from what you may call, 'Standard English.' So, are you ready to dive into the ocean of intriguing mispronunciations that occur in the Indian subcontinent?

Vegetable or Vegitable?

>One of the most common English words that often trips up Indians is 'Vegetable'. You'd usually hear 'Vegitable' echoing across greengrocers and kitchen conversations. However, it's not pronounced with an 'i' but with an 'e' like "vej-uh-tuh-buhl". Quite interesting, isn't it? I remember a summer afternoon when I first discovered that my Indian neighbour was actually asking for some 'vegetable soup' and not aiming for 'Vegitable' soup. Oh, the beauty of dialect differences!

Of Moustaches and Arguable Pronunciations

Now let's talk about 'Moustache'. It's not pronounced as "moose-tache" but actually "mus-tash". Well, let me spill out a story from my past. Way back in 2009, when I was still a green college kid, I had a mate from India who'd always go on about growing a fabulous "moose-tache". For the longest time, I had absolutely no clue what he meant until one day, in an animated chat, he pointed at his upper lip to show his "moose-tache"! Ah, those were some enlightening moments!

'Pizaa' or Pizza?

Next we have 'Pizza', one of the most globally loved dishes. You might think everyone has the pronunciation down, right? Not quite my friends, not quite. In India, it's commonly pronounced as "Pizaa" but it's actually "peet-sa". How about that? It doesn't matter what you call it though, as long you enjoy every delicious bite of it.

Where 'suite' is just 'sweet'

The term ‘Suite’ is another one that often leads to confusion. Many Indians pronounce it as 'suit', but it's actually pronounced 'sweet'. Whether it's a swanky hotel suite or your office suite, remember it's always 'sweet' and not 'suit'.

A Nutty Confusion - 'Almond'

And how can we forget 'Almond'? Yes, the little nut that's a big part of numerous Indian recipes. You'd often hear it being pronounced as "Al-mond" with a pronounced ‘l’. But, here's the catch, the 'l' is silent, making it "ah-mund". A tiny sound oversight, but what's language learning without a few amusing hiccups along the way, right?


So, there you have it, a roundup of some popular English words that often masquerade in different vocal attire on the Indian subcontinent. Remember, language is a beautiful labyrinth of different rules, accents and pronunciations. It's a mosaic and it's okay to lose our way sometimes. We’re all learners here and every misstep is just another step towards getting it right. So, while we laugh over these mispronunciations, let's also cherish the unique symphony of diversity and culture that enriches English in its own special way across the world.

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