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Buying a Portable Generator? Learn how much wattage you need

Some of the best reviewed generators include the ‘Briggs and Stratton’ generator and the Yamaha EF2000IS. Though expensive, they are less noisy, very portable and proficiently consume fuel. The things to cogitate when selecting a generator to buy are: the amount fuel it consumes, getting a transfer switch and other special features. Portable generators consume about 8 to 22 gallons of fuel a day. The transfer switch allows the generator to take over automatically when the power from the main grid fails, and also turns it off when power comes back. It helps to prevent surges too when technicians are fixing the power lines. Most of all, one should go for a generator that provides power needs for all the house appliances adequately, without wastage of power, and one that doesn’t breakdown certainly.

Common house appliances for a standard home include refrigerators, iron boxes, television, washing machines, blenders, Microwaves, Oven, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, computers and video game players and a few more. These appliances consume up to a total of 12000 watts. It is therefore important to know the wattage of a generator you need and which household appliances it can comfortably serve.

Low Range – 1000 watt portable generators and smaller

Small rated portable generators range from 8 kW to 30 kW can be used for small homes and shops. They produce less power at minimum cost for the fuel. Their price for this small generator is about $800. The can be used to supply appliances such as a computer, television, home lighting and other appliances that don’t consume a lot of power. They shouldn’t be left running for too long, and their maintenance cost is low.

Medium Range – 1000-2000 watt portable generators

Medium rated power home portable generators range from 1000 watt to 2000 watt and can be used in large houses, supermarkets and small malls. Its costs go up to $1500 for a good generator. They consume a considerable amount of fuel and are a little noisy. The generator supports most home appliances, including the heavy power consuming pieces of equipment such as the oven, microwave, refrigerator and electric kettle. They amount of time they can be left running for and the maintenance cost is also considerable.

High Range – portable generators with 3000 watts and more

High rated power generators can range over 3000 watts and can be used in mansionettes to cater for power for all house appliances, big malls and also very huge home festivities. They can be left running for long, are rigid and guzzle much fuel. They supply any household appliance with enough power, though the produce a lot of noise as they operate. Their rates vary in the range of $3000. Their maintenance cost is high, and they use much fuel too. They are however very reliable as compared to the other generators.

Purchasing a generator can be a nerve-wracking process, hence the need to be well informed. Try using the power selection sheet, which can be available online, to approximate your average power consumption, enabling you to get an appropriate generator for use. Understand the different appliances with standing wattage and continuous wattage.


These are the most important factors anyone must consider when buying a portable generator.

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